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Insuring Your Future Today

Establish your safety net with first-rate life insurance coverage from willparsons.COM in Montgomery, Alabama. We also offer health insurance policies for companies and families that want to take care of more important things in life.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance is a benefit not only for the person who is insured, but also for his or her family. Our company makes sure that your debts will be taken care of to guarantee your family's financial stability. In the event of an unfortunate incident, our life insurance policy provides coverage for your loved ones so they can stay in the same manner that they're accustomed to, keep food on the table, as well as secure good education for the future. Purchase this as soon as you start thinking about preparing for the inevitable. We also help you find the right insurance that fits your needs. Most of our clients create their entire retirement plan around our life insurance plans. 

Health and Secondary Insurance

Health insurance is required by law for everyone. We encourage you to take care of this now, so that you don't have to pay the high cost in case you get sick or suffer injury due to an accident. Medical insurance picks up the majority of your health care costs. We even have an expert who has extensive knowledge on the inner workings of health care. While a major medical insurance policy pays for your doctor, secondary insurance pays your increasing deductibles, copays, and coinsurance.

Drawing a Heart

Vintage Affair by the American Cancer Society™

As a major supporter of the American Cancer Society, we are staging a fair for their benefit in February. You are invited to join our upcoming event, which to be held in Montgomery, Alabama.